"Kilted Santa" Christmas Shop Display

Client: Donegal Square – Bethlehem, PA

Design Brief: Create window display pieces for the Donegal Square holiday window to compete in the "Doors of Bethlehem" competition. Used found materials - plywood, cardboard -and flea market deer purchase to create pieces. 
Skills Used: Painting (Acrylics), Scale Drawing, Hand Jigsaw Router
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator CS4 to grid the drawing.

The final Kilted Santa, standing approximately 4.5' high.

Night display.

Cheeky Bugger.

The Rooftops

The Reindeer and Rooftops

The Reindeer were recovered at a flea market, and were then reinforced, repainted and glittered. The Rooftops were drawn in perspective for Donegal Square's entrance, so that they would fit into the windows. They were painted on cut-out cardboard, and coated in white glitter for the snow. The trees behind the houses are separate pieces, created the same way.

The Process