2015 Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation Fundraiser Calendar

Client: Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation (KSRF) - Nationwide

Design Brief: A calendar designed to raise funds for KSRF's mission. Features 32 pages, including nominees, a center-fold with 'Rescuer of the Year' and 'Vetrinary Professional of the Year', and a closing spread showcasing the dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014. Involved organizing and touching up all photographs of submitted dogs, copy editing the provided text for the features, and editing the "doggie" themed background textures. 
Skills Used: Print Design, Copywriting, Copy editing , Information Design, Art Direction, Calendar Design.
Programs Used: Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4

KSRF Logo - Not My Work

KSRF Logo - Not My Work

Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation Mission

KSRF is a 501(C)3 corporation dedicated to providing financial assistance for the medical expenses of rescued Keeshonden in foster care. KSRF exists to be different from other sources of rescue funding, and to expedite funding for rescues where other organizations (such as local kennel/breed clubs, and KCA) cannot. ksrf.org


2015 Calendar Nominee Spread


Calendar month samples


'Rescuer of the year' and 'veterinary professional of the year' center fold


One Last Farewell Page - dedicated to the lost dogs in 2014


"Doggie" Textures and Additional Pieces