Our 2018 KSRF Calendar Cover to celebrate the Year of the Dog!


Simply fill out the appropriate form through the buttons below to submit entries for the Calendar Dogs, Memorial photos for pups who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and your nominations for Veterinary Professional Of The Year, and Rescuer Of The Year.

You should receive a “Thank you for your submission!” screen after submitting your entry.  Watch for the screen after clicking the Submit/Enter button. Note: Submitted entries may be edited or cropped for reproduction quality or to meet space requirements.

We look forward to reviewing all entries!

Thank you,

The 2019 KSRF Calendar Committee.

Watch for calendar updates on KSRF's Facebook Page.

2019 Calendar Dog Submission Form


1.  If submitting more than one dog, please use one submission form per pup, even if the pups are all in one photo. 

2.  The theme of our 2019 calendar is “Kees On The Go!”  
Whether you own a “Kees about town”, or one that travels with you everywhere - and likes to pose for the camera - we want to see how far and wide those cute little fluffers are going And, what fun they are having doing it! Vacation shots, shots out running errands, or even just out for their walkies - get creative!!

Calendar Example: 2018 July Calendar Page, featuring Lola Smith

Extra consideration will be given to:

  • Photos that fit the theme

  • Holiday photos

  • Seasonal photos

  • Colorful photos with interesting backgrounds/scenery

  • Costumes and props

3. All entries must include a 300 to 500 (two or three paragraphs) word Minimum submission write up, detailing why your Keesie should be a Calendar pup.

Entries not meeting the 300 to 500 word MINIMUM will be harder to judge, and may disqualify your pup. The form will require a 300 word minimum for submission – and the words will be counted as you type. If the minimum count is not reached the form will be rejected.

Calendar Example: 2017 June Calendar Page, featuring Daisy & Cady Kapsimalis

4. Please label the photo file with YOUR LAST NAME_KEESIES FIRST NAME.JPG. (Example:Smith_Fluffy.jpg) Please use .jpg or .jpeg file types IN THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION POSSIBLE.

     • If you are sending in two photos: Please label and the number the second photo submission file, by adding the number two(2) to the end of the photo file label, like so: YOUR LAST NAME_KEESIES FIRST NAME_2.jpg

• Photos not submitted in .jpg or .jpeg format, OR IN TOO LOW OF A RESOLUTION, may be asked to be resubmitted. YOU CAN CHECK YOUR RESOLUTION OF YOUR PHOTO BY opening it on your computer - is it large (fills up at least a quarter of your computer screen)? Is it clear (not fuzzy or distorted)? 

Note: Even if your photo is not chosen to be one of the thirteen featured dogs, your pup's photo will still be displayed in the Nominee section of the calendar.

Memorial Photo Submission Form


Did your Keesie cross the Rainbow Bridge? We are so sorry for your loss.

If you would like to send in their photo and name for the memorial page, please do so through this form.

Please review the above photo submission Guidelines (i.e. labeling your file "your last name_Keesie's name.jpg") and form instructions when submitting your memorial photos. Thank you.

2018 Memorial Pages

Do you have a Rescuer Of The Year or a Vet Of The Year Submission for us?
Submit these nominations below!

2018 Rescuer of the Year • Diana Poulson

Wish to acknowledge a fellow rescuer who has gone above and beyond for KSRF?
Here's your chance!

Have an absolutely dedicated veterinary professional you'd like to give a thank you shout out to?

2015 Veterinary Professional of the Year • Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital



Thank you for your support of
Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation!

Your participation means a lot to the Kees in foster care assisted by KSRF.

– 2019 KSRF Calendar Committee